Yung Miami Shares Angry Tweets Towards ‘New Era’ of Men ‘Praying on Her Downfall’

The 29-year-old is addressing her haters one last time before she pivots to positivity in 2024.

Yung Miami is making it clear that she’s leaving negativity behind as she gears up for a positive 2024. The City Girls member took to X (formerly Twitter) to express her desire for a fresh start and addressed those who spread hate.

In a series of tweets, she stated, “I really wanna be positive in 2024. Fuck yall hating ass hoes fr!” She didn’t hold back, extending her message to include, “Oh and yall old hating ass pussy n***as too!!!!!”

Yung Miami’s tweets reflect her determination to embrace a more positive outlook in the coming year, putting a strong emphasis on leaving behind the negativity from the past.

Following her initial tweets, Yung Miami continued to express herself, leaving room for speculation about the target of her words, with signs pointing to Joe Budden.

In her messages, she stated, “You know you that bitch when N***AS praying on your downfall. I expect that from bitches cause that’s what bitches do, but yall niggas LOL YALL SOME PUSSY N***AS!!!! Pussyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Like bitch ass n***as!”

Yung Miami’s tweets hinted at a sense of frustration and disappointment, with a clear message directed at someone, though she chose not to explicitly name names. The rapper used her platform to convey her feelings, sparking curiosity and discussions among her followers.

She continued, “I got tender dick n***as dick in bunch bout a podcast & talking down on a bitch that’s 29!! ((29)) AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Put on your seatbelt bitch!!”

“N***as not outside in the field no more they online chatting like a bitch 😭😭😭 ugh I hate this new era of men! OMGGGG what happen to n***as that don’t talk no more?!” 

The rapper also recently announced she was leaving the internet because of its toxicity.

Yung Miami, legally known as Caresha Brownlee, seems to have sparked a reaction possibly in response to comments made by Joe Budden on the Need to Know Podcast. The podcast episode, published last week, delved into Complex’s Hip-Hop Media Power Ranking, where Budden holds the top spot.

In contrast, Caresha holds the seventh position for her podcast, Caresha Please, hosted on Revolt. Although the podcast, launched last June, currently has a modest 11 episodes, it managed to secure two BET Hip Hop Awards in 2022 and 2023.

Caresha’s podcast has gained attention despite limited content. Interestingly, her on-and-off boyfriend, Sean “Diddy” Combs, previously held the chairman position at Revolt. However, he temporarily stepped down due to sexual assault accusations. The impact of Diddy’s resignation on the future episodes of Caresha Please remains uncertain.

During the Need to Know Podcast, Budden remarked about Yung Miami, suggesting that she might not appear on such lists again. Despite the seemingly critical tone, Budden expressed admiration for her show. However, he made a playful gesture, implying the necessity of Caresha Please with a shoo-ing hand motion. The atmosphere wasn’t helped when he started singing Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Twitter @PillarsPullup

“I love it when someone wins an award twice, you know… it’s a wrap,” commented Budden. “Two years in a row, she got the award. Now, I’m not too bothered about that kind of thing. But, you can sense when something’s off.”

Budden playfully revisited a snippet of “Another One Bites the Dust” and then exclaimed, “Get out of here.”

As of now, there’s no apparent response from Budden to Yung Miami’s comments.

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