To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of Hip Hop Pepsi Announces Partnership With The Notorious B.I.G. Estate

The announcement follows on from the unearthing of a freestyle that Biggie recorded in 1997 which sees the genre’s most iconic artist declare his love for the soft-drink brand

It’s a golden moment, y’all! August 11th marks five decades since Kool Herc made history by tearing it up on the turntables and giving birth to Hip Hop. And you know what’s the freshest news? Pepsi and The Notorious B.I.G. Estate have teamed up to drop a global campaign that’s all about honoring the legacy of one of Hip Hop’s all-time greats.

Back in the day, Hip Hop burst outta the Bronx, NYC, in the ’70s, sparking a fire that birthed epic art forms like beatboxing, rapping, DJing, breakdancing, and street art. That sizzling mix laid the foundation for Hip Hop as we know it today, flipping the music world on its head.

Pepsi’s got Biggie’s Estate in their corner, and they’re cooking up a campaign that’s all about showing love to Biggie’s iconic vibes and how Hip Hop’s gone global: from influencing fresh flavors like K-Pop and Afrobeats, to sparking new Rap flows across the map. Pepsi’s no stranger to the music scene, having kicked it with some of the biggest legends across genres.

The man of the hour, ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’, left his mark and sparked a whole new era in Hip Hop. He’s a legend of the ’90s Rap game, and his jams still hit as hard as they did back then. His impact’s like a ripple that keeps spreading, shaping music and culture to this day.

Pepsi’s been vibing with Biggie’s crew before. When the rap king got inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, Pepsi dropped a vintage freestyle he cooked up at D&D Studios with DJ Enuff. It was Biggie’s shoutout to his drink of choice: Pepsi. “P-E-P-S-I, yes, I drink it constantly,” he flowed. “Something ’bout the taste feels great, less filling / Tell ’em Biggie said drink it all, don’t test me / Nothing else beats a Pepsi / If it is, let’s see / I’m thirsty”.

Speaking on the collab, Ms. Voletta Wallace, founder of the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, said, “We’re celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop and its impact on the world. We’re thrilled to honor Christopher’s legacy and introduce his music to a new generation. While his art is timeless, we’ve partnered with Pepsi to pay tribute to my son’s talent and connect his music with today’s sounds. We hope fans feel the vibe as much as we do.”

CJ Wallace, founder of Frank White, a lifestyle brand and creative studio, added, “In this huge music year, Hip Hop is incomplete without my dad. His influence is unmatched. Unveiling one of his hidden flows and collaborating directly with Pepsi, his go-to drink, is pretty amazing.”

Hold tight, ’cause this ain’t all! Pepsi’s cooking up a next-level campaign. They’re gonna bring Biggie’s unique swagger, style, and lyrical magic to life. Think immersive experiences, dope street art in cities worldwide, limited edition Pepsi cans, and more. It’s all about giving props and elevating Biggie’s massive impact on the culture. Watch this space, ’cause the beat’s just beginning!

You can listen to Biggie’s Pepsi Freestyle for yourself below.

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