Quavo visits the Whitehouse and advocates against gun violence 

“I don’t want this to happen to the next person,” Quavo said.

Grammy-nominated rapper Quavo, aged 32, together with his mother Edna Maddox and sister Titania Davenport, who is the mother of his nephew Takeoff, made a significant appearance at the Annual Legislative Conference held in Washington, D.C. Their primary focus was addressing the alarming rise in gun violence across the country. During the conference, they engaged in discussions with influential political figures and activists, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Sen. Raphael Warnock, and Rep. Lucy McBath.

The tragic incident that spurred their involvement occurred on November 1, 2022, when Quavo witnessed the untimely death of his nephew Takeoff, who was only 28 years old when he was fatally shot in Houston. Takeoff, an innocent bystander, tragically became one of the many victims of gun-related injuries in the United States. Recent data from the Pew Research Center and the CDC revealed that in 2021, 48,830 individuals lost their lives due to firearm-related injuries.

Quavo’s message to both politicians and the public was clear: he emphasized the urgency of addressing this pressing issue and preventing similar tragedies. He stated, “I feel like your calling comes at the least expected times… You don’t think nothing is going to happen. I need to step up to the plate and hit a home run. I have to do something about it, so it won’t happen to the masses, especially in our culture. I don’t want this to happen to the next person. I want to knock down these percentages.”

During the Annual Legislative Conference, Quavo and Davenport received praise from Vice President Kamala Harris. Furthermore, the rapper emphasized the need for concrete action, particularly in improving gun control. He urged for measures that would prevent incidents like these from occurring, including keeping firearms away from individuals who may make harmful choices. Quavo acknowledged the complexity of the issue, considering the presence of firearms even among law enforcement, and highlighted the importance of responsible choices and implementing effective filters on firearm access.

Greg Jackson from the Community Justice Action Fund expressed his belief that Quavo’s involvement could lead to essential resources required for making a difference. Jackson stated, “His voice and commitment around community violence intervention could provide more resources for those who are most at risk.” Both Quavo and Jackson are advocating for the passage of the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, which would allocate crucial grant funding to high-risk communities. These funds would support youth job and career development, establish prevention programs, and educate on methods to combat gun violence.

Previously, Quavo established The Rocket Foundation to address community violence. However, the lack of resources remains a significant obstacle. Quavo emphasized the need for resources to bring about tangible change, noting, “I feel like after going to the White House, I need resources. I need a bag of goodies, so I can take [it] back and say, ‘Here, this is for the culture.’ We have that extension cord. We are plugged into that type of environment. I don’t think no one else in our stature is that connected. In order for things to change, we need resources.”

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