Nate Dogg’s 9 Children Recieve Six Figure Pay Out From His Estate

Nate Dogg’s Estate Worth $2.7 Million, Late Rapper’s Widow & Nine Children Receiving Six-Figure Payouts

The legal entanglement surrounding Nate Dogg’s estate has reached its resolution, with the late icon’s widow and nine children set to receive a substantial sum as part of the final settlement.

According to court documents revealed by Radar Online, the estate’s conclusive value is $2.7 million. The estate administrator has been directed to distribute the funds equally among Nate’s widow, LaToya Calvin, and his nine children. Notably, it was determined that Nate Dogg was legally the father of three additional children, bringing the total to nine.

The administrator also confirmed the clearance of all debts, including a $144,000 IRS bill, eliminating any further financial obligations for the surviving family members.

This settlement marks the end of a contentious legal battle over Nate Dogg’s estate. When the legendary artist passed away in 2011 without a will, his children from various relationships faced complexities in the absence of clear provisions.

Adding to the complexity, LaToya Calvin, Nate’s wife at the time of his death, nominated herself as the estate executor. Nate’s children contested her role, asserting that the artist intended to divorce Calvin before his demise. Evidence presented to the court revealed that Nate Dogg initiated divorce proceedings just 19 days before his death. However, since the divorce was not finalized, Calvin was legally recognized as Nate’s wife and a beneficiary of the estate.

In a related development, Nate Dogg’s ex-girlfriend, Shereda Williams, sought child support for their son, Jayden. Despite a previous court order for $4,358 per month, the amount was reduced to $3,000/month two years after Nate Dogg’s death. Williams, citing a “mistake in the court filings,” is now petitioning the court to secure the funds from the late rapper’s estate.

In the final estate ruling, provisions have been made to ensure Jayden’s financial support. The conclusion of this legal chapter brings clarity to the distribution of Nate Dogg’s estate among his widow and children.


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