Jeezy Thinks Back To The ‘Brief Moment’ That He Contemplated Taking His Own Life To Escape His Life In The Streets

Jeezy, the Snowman himself, just peeled back a layer of his life and shared a moment when things got real dark. In a chat with PEOPLE, he dished on his new book Adversity For Sale and gave us a peek into his past.

Picture this: Jeezy back in the day, rollin’ with the Youth Challenge program in Fort Stewart, Georgia. This was after hustling on the streets, slinging drugs, and boosting cars. But let’s keep it real, this program wasn’t a breeze. It was like boot camp, where folks were barking orders, making you shine boots, and get in line like a soldier. Not exactly Jeezy’s style, you feel?

Jeezy explained, “I ain’t used to folks telling me what to do. I come from being my own boss. But you know, after a few weeks, I’m thinking, ‘Wait, I’m actually working out.'”

This gig taught Jeezy a thing or two about discipline and structure. It took him outta his old zone and gave him focus like never before. It was like a lightbulb moment, he realized he’d been coasting without a plan.

Fast forward to the end of the nine-month deal, Jeezy had a revelation. He was on a naval base, standing on a ship, looking out at the water. It hit him like a brick—”If you don’t fix this now, you’re gonna end up like your boys. Strung out or worse.”

For a brief moment, he thought about jumping in that water, leaving it all behind. But something inside him, a voice, told him: “Nah, bro. You gotta face it. You gotta man up.” And that’s what he did. He went home, ready to face anything.

Putting all these memories in his new book has been like therapy, he said. “I’m digging deep now, going through emotions I never felt back then ’cause I was just numbing myself and moving forward.”

And speaking of moving forward, Jeezy’s been spilling the beans on his new book. In a chat with the Rap Radar Podcast, he even touched on his song “Done It,” calling it his crowning glory. This jam was born in 2008 for his album The Recession, but it didn’t make the cut. Jeezy felt it was different from the rest, but it still hit him hard.

Turns out, “Done It” was a sleeper hit. Jeezy played it in Detroit, and boom! The crowd went wild. He knew he had to put it out there. It’s like his masterpiece, he felt every word.

And just in case you missed it, Jeezy had a heart-to-heart with Good Morning America. He spilled more tea on Adversity For Sale, his book that’s all about embracing failures and chasing dreams. “You learn from falling down, and each stumble sets you up for the next climb,” he said.

So, there you have it—Jeezy’s book, his life lessons, and a glimpse into the man behind the music. It’s all about rising from the ashes, facing the hard stuff, and finding your own path.

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