Fat Joe’s Suggestion to ‘Make’ Another Jay-Z Gets a Response from Dame Dash

When discussing the delusions people had last year about their success, Fat Joe initially made the comments.

Dame Dash didn’t take kindly to Fat Joe’s idea of creating another Jay-Z. Hitting up his America Nu Network YouTube channel on a Saturday, Dame fired back at Fat Joe, making it clear he wasn’t interested in replicating Hov.

“Why the heck would I create another Hov? He was getting paid as an artist and then double-dipping from the company. He didn’t bring in a lot of money for me,” Dame expressed. “Jay-Z didn’t generate $100 million a year for me—that’s why I had to diversify. I don’t want to make another Hov. But I did make a Kanye, a Cam’ron—pause—or helped. After you do that, there’s nothing else for me to do.”

Dame then pointed to the success of his collaboration with Rachel Roy after parting ways with Jay-Z. According to him, her clothing company became worth hundreds of millions with his involvement.

“So I didn’t create another Hov; I created another $100 million company,” Dame declared. “I don’t make artists; I make companies.”

Fat Joe’s proposition for another Jay-Z came during an Instagram Live session where he discussed people’s delusions about themselves. He called out those who hype themselves up without having the results to show for it.

“If you’re a hustler, if you’re a money getter, then where’s your money? If you’re a genius and you’re smart, then where’s your stuff?” Fat Joe questioned.

At first, it looked like Fat Joe was throwing some shade at Dame Dash, but he set the record straight, saying he wasn’t directly dissing the rap mogul.

“Whoever you are—you know, Jay-Z said, ‘You made a Jay-Z, go make another Jay-Z.’ And that ain’t a direct shot at Dame Dash. No beef with Damon Dash. I’m just saying—that’s one of the most historic lines ever. I happen to think that Dame Dash is a smart guy, an intelligent guy, but he said it. He made one, go make another one. You can’t tell me that because I put Big Pun on, then I put DJ Khaled on.”

Fat Joe is pointing to a line from Jay-Z’s 2006 track “Lost Ones” off the Kingdom Come album, where Jay-Z starts with, “I heard motherfuckers sayin’ they made Hov / Made Hov say, ‘Okay, so? Make another Hov!’” These lines took a direct shot at Jay-Z’s ex-business partners, Dame Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, with Dame often claiming he played a big role in Jay-Z’s success. In return, Jay-Z challenged Dash to step up and make another Jay-Z.

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